Comfort Projects

I’m writing this on a Monday and considering how Mondays can sometimes be, I thought I would gather some of the most comforting patterns I’ve completed and pass them along. These are for the most part simple and can be worked on while watching a movie or show. (The Puffs and Picots Mandala might be a bit challenging to a new crocheter, but if you’re experienced it shouldn’t be a problem.)

The Chrissy Baby Blanket (upper left photo) is something I completed last year when I was in a crochet funk. I was going through a period where every crochet project didn’t work out for one reason or another. (Kind of like what I’m going through now!) I decided to set all my WIPs (Works in Progress) aside and find something repetitive and not challenging. You can find the pattern in a booklet published by Annie’s Crochet titled Super Easy Baby Blankets by Bendy Carter. The only caveat to this pattern is you need to be willing to complete your HDC (half double crochet stitches) a bit differently and insert your hook at the “front bar” of the stitch, rather than the front and back loops where you normally would. There are detailed photos though. Once you get the hang of it, there aren’t any other pattern changes and you repeat row number 2 until the blanket is the desired size.

Snuggled next to a doll made by a dear aunt. Yarn: Caron Super Soft in Cobalt.

The next pattern, (middle top), the Picnic Basket Dish Cloth is a free pattern I downloaded from Knit Picks. If working in the front and back posts doesn’t bother you, the pattern is basically a two row repeat. And it is a quick, satisfying make. Probably the best thing about this project was the yarn, Dishie.

It is so soft and a pleasure to work with. I plan to buy this exclusively from now on for these type of projects. It’s cotton, but not like some of the rustic, hard on your hands, cottons that are sold for household projects. I’ve used and washed the dishcloths many times now and they are just as sturdy, squishy and pretty as the first time I made them.

Pattern by Kim Cameron for Knit Picks

Last Christmas, my husband bought me the Modern Crochet Mandalas Book by Interweave. I wasn’t overly excited at first as I’ve never felt pulled to crochet a mandala. But, during the few lazy days after Christmas, I thought I would give it a go. Now, I see what everyone’s saying when they talk about how addictive crocheting mandalas is! The third picture on right end of the gallery is The Tapestry Star and Puffs and Picots by Sandra Eng. I loved them so much, I made two more of the Tapestry Star and will be posting all three on my Instagram once I connect them to hoops. Again, the yarn used in this project was part of what made it so pleasurable.

For the Tapestry Star, I used Bernat Softee Baby Cotton. It provides wonderful stitch definition and is soft and smooth. Very easy on the hands and the eyes. Equally wonderful were the Bonbons by Lion Brand Yarn, which I used for the Puffs and Picots mandala. They are tiny, adorable, 2.8 oz skeins. I used the Nature packet.

Making a template to block the Puffs and Picots Mandala.
Tapestry Star in progress.

The last project pictured is the Casper Shawl, a free pattern from Lion Brand yarn. This is made with the V Stitch, which is essentially two double crochets in the middle of the V stitch below. The second row is repeated until you reach the desired length. So easy and relaxing! Again, I loved the yarn for this project. If you’re a follower of my Instagram account, you know I LOVE vibrant colors with purple being a lifelong favorite. I used Lion Brand Cupcake yarn in the color, Tutu Much. Sadly, this yarn has been discontinued. I see there are some still being sold through Etsy and Ebay though.

Wowza! Love those bold colors!

Well, that rounds out my list for right now and my Monday is almost done. Whew! Do you have some simple, soothing crochet patterns you could share? I would love to see what others have.

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Filling every bit of spare time I have with crochet and other crafty related bits! Day job: Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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