A small part of my crochet queue

I recently decided I didn’t want to keep haphazardly buying yarn without a project in mind…at least for most of the time. (*wink*) I wanted to be more deliberate and focused. So, I thought I would create a spreadsheet of all the patterns, pins, and favorites I had on Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram and stored in my computer. I listed the oldest first and then created extra pages for seasonal and gift items. I had a hunch it would be a long list. I had no idea!

The project took about two weeks. In the process, I discovered there were some pins’ links that were broken or removed or there were patterns I no longer liked. I deleted a fair amount. But the larger my spreadsheets became, it caused me to look at the patterns much more critically. Did I really want to commit to and could I see myself making the pattern? Quite a few more were deleted. If I absolutely couldn’t bear to part with it, I created a spreadsheet titled, Inspiration, for those I probably wouldn’t make but loved.

During my project, I watched Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix, Sparking Joy.

You might be familiar with Marie Kondo because of her first show on Netflix, Tidying Up .

But, if not, Marie is an organization guru. She teaches people how to pare down their overwhelming clutter and disorganization so their space is tranformed into a practical and inviting environment. Part of Marie’s method involves holding an item in your hand and noticing if it sparks joy. If not, it should go as it’s probably causing some stress to keep it.

As I worked on my spreadsheet, I found this to be relieving, freeing advice. Although I couldn’t hold the items in my hand, I gauged my emotional response as I looked at the pattern. I have so many things in my life which I keep out of obligation or fearing I will miss it later. This causes me feelings of pressure (not joy!) and I can’t utilize the resources I have to their best use. I feel scattery, unfocused and even confused sometimes. This is definitely not how I want to feel with a hobby that provides me so much pleasure and satisfaction!

Since I have finished my spreadsheets, it has helped me be less impulsive and more selective in favoriting or purchasing patterns and yarns as I have a renewed realizion I have only so much time to complete them all.

I encourage you to try an organization project for your crochet or other craft patterns if you haven’t already. For me it was revealing and renewing.

Do you have favorite methods you use to organize and stay focused with your patterns or craft projects?