Crochet Helps Me Cope

Hi friends,

It’s been a while. Normally, I like to post more regularly, however I have been sick for a month now. This is unusual for me, and it has been a miserable and trying time. I’m not out of the woods yet, but with help from some alternative treatments and my naturopath, I’ve got enough energy and pain relief to make a post today.

Briefly, the doctors don’t know exactly what’s wrong. I’ve unfortunately contracted a “mystery illness.” However, they have speculated and the theory that makes the most sense to me for quite a few reasons is I’ve had a nasty reaction to a COVID booster. (I’m not making any political statements here, merely explaining what I’ve been going through, so I would appreciate it if you would refrain from comments, pro or con, about vaccinations or COVID. I will delete those that insist on airing their opinions on this topic. This is a crochet blog after all. Thank you for your understanding!) I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch, going back and forth to the doctor, the ER, and feeling discouraged/scared/worried. It seems as if I might be making progress though. I’m going to keep on with the treatments that seem to be helping.

On that hopeful note, I thought I would share the project I’ve been working on that is helping me cope during this very rough time.

I’ve been crocheting the squares for the Fenya Blanket by Dragana Savkov Bajic of Dadas Place. (On her blog the blanket is listed as a free Vintage Style Crochet Blanket. On the paid pattern, the name of the blanket is listed.) I’ve had this pattern in my queue for years and I’m so glad I got around to making it. It’s happily using up quite a bit of DK yarn in my stash and so my blanket will be a scrappy and very colorful one! (Keep in mind these squares need to be blocked!)

The designer has included a large number of pictures to help explain the instructions. However, I found using the chart to be easiest to follow. Once you understand the pattern of the squares, there’s not too much thinking involved. It’s this wonderful ease and repetition I needed while coping with my illness. It has been so comforting as it keeps my mind off unproductive worrying.

In the past, when I read a post about crochet pieces being a “friend” I thought it was a little corny. I have understood crochet to be a wonderful stress reliever as it helps me unwind from a long day working in my private practice as a mental health therapist. But after what I’ve been through over the last month, I most certainly consider this project a friend!

I would be interested to know what projects have helped you get through a difficult time.