Learning Something New–Tapestry Crochet

So far, I am really enjoying the fall season this year. I tend to appreciate it every year, even though I am always sad to bid summer goodbye. One of the things I like about it is experiencing a renewed sense of energy with the change of seasons. This translates for me into organizing, planning and a desire for new learning–like this little pot holder I recently finished.

This is the Pumpkin Potholder by Rafaella at Raffamusa Designs. It is a Tapestry Crochet pattern, which is something I had not done before. I am usually cautious about trying new things in crochet because I like the anxiety and stress relief I experience when crocheting.  Learning a new stitch can sometimes be stressful for me. But I REALLY wanted to do this pattern. Plus, she has several more adorable tapestry potholder patterns I would like to try in her Farmhouse Collection.

It was a bit challenging as Tapestry Crochet requires using two or more yarns at one time.  The non-working yarn or the one you’re not currently stitching with is carried behind the working yarn and enclosed in the stitches. I am not a big fan of this method because the yarn can get so twisty and globbed up. But I never stop feeling surprised at what I will endure if I really want something. *chuckle*  Rafaella has a link on her blog, under the Tapestry Crochet tab, to a method on keeping yarn tangle free, but I didn’t understand it. To be fair, I read through it and didn’t try it, but I didn’t quite track with the directions. I just had to adapt to the fact I wasn’t going to crochet as quickly as I normally would. Once I adjusted to the slower pacing, I had a good time! 

 I am quite proud I stuck with it as I’m extremely happy with the result! It’s elegant and eye-catching.  (I just need to block it.) In fact, I liked the process and result so much, I started another one right away! This interfered with my plans for finishing up other projects, but I couldn’t help myself.  I am excited to try her other Tapestry designs, including the Christmas Tree Potholder.

I think the only thing I would have liked more, would have been a YouTube tutorial for this pattern. I see she has a YouTube channel. She does have a couple of photos on the printed pattern, but photos, unless there are lots of them and they are large, are not enough for me. I am one of those people that needs things spelled out in detail. Also, I have mature eyes and the finer points in small photos are almost impossible for me to really see.  There are other YouTube tutorials on Tapestry Crochet, but the ones I found tended to be specific to a certain pattern.

Other than that, I consider the experience overall to be an enjoyable one. If you’re looking to improve your crochet skills or would like to learn something new, I would recommend trying Tapestry Crochet in a small project like these potholders. . 

What new skills or stitches have you tried recently?

Author: hollymarie0407

Filling every bit of spare time I have with crochet and other crafty related bits! Day job: Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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