Artist, Maker or Imposter?


My husband and I recently joined an Artists and Makers non profit group in our town. In a short time, I developed a case of Imposter syndrome, thinking I shouldn’t be in the group. (More on that later.) So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the definitions for artist and maker. Is there any difference? 

My first hunch is that a maker is someone who follows another’s pattern or design, whereas an artist creates the design or pattern. (I was going to say from scratch, but that’s not really possible is it? Everyone’s designs are influenced from somewhere, right?) And an artist is a maker too. Maybe the terms’ definitions change with the object created? I’m sure there are plenty of definitions  out there in Google land. But not having attended any meetings of the group yet, I don’t know what their definitions are. Maybe they will decide I don’t fit the definition. 

The imposter syndrome thing is really starting to ramp up. When  I saw some of the members’ work the unhelpful comparisons started flowing. “There’s no one doing fiber arts.” “All their works are original.”  “They’ve probably worked such a long time at their craft.”  “They will wonder what I’m doing in the group.” On and on it goes.

It doesn’t help that I’m not completely aware of why I joined. I know it was nice to be asked, I know I like to get in on the start of creating something, I know I am needing more socialization due to the restrictions of the pandemic, but I don’t have a crystal clear idea or intention.  It would help if I could define that because we’re hosting a meeting in a little over a week. Ugh… I just know I was excited by the idea and would like some face-to-face community to augment the online community. The online peeps are great, but it’s not enough. 

What are your thoughts on the definitions of artist and maker? How do you deal with imposter syndrome? Or how do you find others of like mind and talent? 

Author: hollymarie0407

Filling every bit of spare time I have with crochet and other crafty related bits! Day job: Licensed Mental Health Counselor

2 thoughts on “Artist, Maker or Imposter?”

  1. I like to use the term craftsman (craftsperson) because I tend to think of an artist as someone who draws or paints. Maybe a term that applies to everyone, no matter what materials they use or how skilled they are, is ‘creative’.
    I don’t think anyone who creates is an imposter!

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